Why You Should Want to Be described as a Casino High-Roller

It’s true what they say, you know. The rich actually are different.

They might live in our midst and share some surface characteristics such as for instance amount of arms and legs, et cetera, but their ways and customs can seem as different and alien to us as those of the Ainu do to the Japanese.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in a casino resort town — Las Vegas is an excellent example, although Reno, Atlantic City, and Macau all could serve as well.

Now, somebody once said, “The love of money is the root of evil” (I think it had been my dad, in reaction to my request for a boost within my allowance).

Maybe so, but it is also true that “money also makes the entire world go ‘round” (which is what I might have retorted to my dad if I’d considered it at the time and had a death wish).

You do not have to love money to want more of it. Hence, gambling. Also, Vegas.

But when you and I may joke about going to “Lost Wages” and brag about our losses keeping the lights of the Strip turned on, the stark reality is somewhat different. High-rollers — gamblers who are able to drop countless dollars during an individual two-day visit — are the real engines that power casino towns 카지노사이트.

Unsurprisingly, high-rollers are revered at resort casinos. Their visits are eagerly awaited, their likes and dislikes monitored more carefully than those of any Playboy centerfold’s, and their departures (hopefully slightly lighter than their arrivals) are wistfully remembered.

What’s that? Did I hear you say, “I couldn’t live like that”? Well, bless your heart. Needless to say not — as you need to have countless dollars to throw away to reside like that. Got a million dollars? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Me neither.

So, if you’re like me — envious of people who do have countless dollars to throw away that way — you like to imagine what that type of life might resemble, just once.

And I’m not speaking about just big-money gamblers here. I’m speaking about the type of people the resort casinos call “whales” — the really big fish, the sort of individuals who could buy every ticket to a Lady Gaga concert at the T-Mobile Arena using what they have to them, 예스카지노?

So now that you have the proper frame of reference, here’s what you — a newly-minted zillionaire high-roller — will encounter.

That shiny Rolls-Royce, usually the one with the uniformed chauffeur standing close to the open door? The one parked a secure distance from your own private jet?

Yeah. That’s for you. Of course.

One doesn’t take a ride in a Rolls-Royce so much as one motors stately — usually avoiding hitting errant hoi polloi who wander into its path — to one’s destination, sipping their prosecco and dining on, I don’t know, Grey Poupon or something equally weird and poncy like that.

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